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10. Мария Алехина объявила голодовку

Оригинал взят у eyra_0501 в 10. Мария Алехина объявила голодовку

Участница группы Pussy Riot Мария Алехина 22 мая объявила голодовку и запретила своему адвокату Ирине Хруновой участвовать в процессе по условно-досрочному освобождению в знак протеста против того, что ее отказались доставлять в здание суда в Березниках. Так Маша пытается изменить предсказуемость кафкианского процесса. 23 мая он продолжится без нее.

Запись в блоге сэра Пола Маккартни:

Maria Alyokhina, today announced a hunger strike after being refused the right to attend her own parole hearing. Paul hopes that Russian officials will grant Maria the right to be present in court in the city of Berezniki.
Paul wrote handwritten letters to Russian officials in support of both Maria Alyokhina and Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, who was last month denied parole, asking them to consider release on parole.
In his letter regarding Maria, Paul wrote:

"My personal belief is that further incarceration for Maria will be harmful for her and the situation as a whole, which, of course, is being watched by people all over the world.

“In the great tradition of fair-mindedness which the Russian people (many of whom are my friends) are famous for, I believe that you granting this request would send a very positive message to all the people who have followed this case."

And in his letter regarding Nadezhda:

"I have had a long relationship with the Russian people, and, with this in mind, I am making the following request in a spirit of friendship for my many Russian acquaintances who, like me, believe in treating people - all people, with compassion and kindness."

Maria and Nadezhda were jailed last August for a breach of public order motivated by religious hatred

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