Focus on the beautiful things in life (ukhudshanskiy) wrote in libertower,
Focus on the beautiful things in life

Торты Манфреда Клашки из Вены

An Austrian pastry maker faces a criminal investigation for baking cakes with elaborate Nazi designs. Pastry chef Manfred Klaschkas' offerings include cakes adorned with sugary swastika or with a baby raising its right hand in a Nazi salute, pictures in his catalogue show. 'If someone orders it, I make it,' he told broadcaster ORF at his cafe in Maria Enzersdorf near Vienna. 'That is exactly the sort of thinking led us into the disaster 70 years ago,' said Willi Mernyi, the chairman of the survivors group Mauthausen Kommittee. The group pressed charges on suspicion that the chef violated laws that ban neo-Nazi activities and the display of Nazi symbols.

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